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What is your most important goal or dream in life? Mine is to feel good, do something I love and share that with friends and strangers on a daily basis. My answer to this great riddle of life, the meaning of life, is disc golf. Life is short and the little time I have left in it is more important than what have happened earlier in my life. I don´t look back very much anymore. I can´t see the meaning of nostalgia or history. For me, the future is disc golf and you can be a part of this journey too. Welcome to Pretty Fly Disc Golf, an adventure where I will work hard to be a better player, a better tour director, a better ambassador for the sport and spread my love for the sport as far as I possibly can. In 2021 I opened a disc manufacturing business, read more about it here: Momentum Disc Golf


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Pretty Fly 100% Tournaments


Welcome to Pretty Fly 100% by Momentum Disc Golf, visit the head sponsor´s web shop here: MOMENTUM DISC GOLF.

Pretty Fly 100% tournaments are disc golf tournaments for beginners and amateurs. You do NOT need any membership or license of any sort. Everyone is welcome!


Our tournaments are played by the PDGA official rules for disc golf: READ RULES HERE


Schedule during a SINGLES tournament day (unless changed by the Tour Director):

08.15 - 08.55: Player Packs are handed out. Player pack is a disc from Momentum Disc Golf, every player get one (no, you don´t have to use it during the tournament).

09.00: Physical player´s meeting at tournament central is mandatory.

09.20 we have a rules-meeting that is NOT mandatory, but good for all that didn´t read the new rules or have questions about the rules.

09.35 The groups are made available in the PDGA-digital scorecard. Scoring is made in PDGA-digitalscorecard. Event access code is 100. This is a C-tier sanctioned tournament.

10.00 The first round begins. Shotgun start.

After round 1 we have a 60 minute lunch break. 

13.30 to 14.00: Round 2 starts after the break (start time is announced by the TD, look at the Facebook event to find it). Shotgun start. No meeting. Go to your starting Tee and warm up. Groups are made available 40 minutes before the round begins.

16.30 approximatly: After round 2 we have a winner´s ceremony. In case of play offs this may be delayed. Play offs are played from hole 1 and continue around the course until there is a winner. TD or referee appointed by the TD must be present in a play off.


Tournament calender 2022: (click here for all PDGA-event pages)


6th NovemberPretty Fly 100% Lisbon by Momentum Disc Golf. (72 spots, Portugal, PDGA C-tier). Player´s Fee is 25 EURO. . Player pack is a premium plastic disc from Momentum Disc Golf. Prize to the top 30% in each division is more discs from Momentum Disc Golf. Facebook event: CLICK HERE . TD: Bruno Gravato. Link to REGISTRATION HERE.


Rules for registration:

* All single tournaments opens for pre-registration 15 days before the event, at 12.00 noon.

* Some divisions may have locked positions to increase chances to get players to those divisions.

* Some positions may be reserved as wildcards, that the TD may give to players as he chooses.

* Divisions are MPO, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, FA1, FA3, MJ15. Read more about divisions here: PDGA DIVISIONS

* 7 days before the tournament all Wildcards and locked positions are released, opening up for players on the waitinglist.

* Players on the waitinglist not getting a spot in the tournament will get their money back.

* No refunds are payed back for players giving up their spot, no matter what the reason. The cost for handling money through the card-pay-service makes it not worth it. Make sure you enter a tournament that you are actually going to play.



* Singles tournaments will use PDGA Digital Scoring. Click here: PDGA Digital Scoring   Access code is 100. If you have to search for the tournament, write "Pretty Fly" and Enter. Follow the instructions. TWO (2) players in each group is writing the scores.

* After the round the score-keepers must confirm their score in the scoring apps. Instructions are in the apps.

* PDGA ratings for the round will be visible as soon as the first round is played.

Pretty Fly 120% på Järva Disc Golf Park


I samarbete med Järva Disc Golf Park och restaurang Två Små Svin.

PDGAs riktlinjer och krav:

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Thor Wallgren videos about disc golf

Clinic with Eric Oakley
Portugal disc golf course

Thor Wallgren

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Study of manabu Kajiyama

Who is Thor Wallgren?

I was introduced to disc golf on the 18th of July 2014. My friends invited me to a round in Gavle, Sweden. I played horrible, but I liked it. The next day I bought my first golf discs. Only 3 months later I played my first tournament.

The friendly way of the better players inspired me to continue to practice and compete. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I understood that disc golfers are a special kind of people, both goal oriented and open and kind.

In 2015 I visited Saigon, Vietnam and played with strangers and it was awesome, suddenly I had new friends on the other side of the planet. I went to Thailand and USA 2018 to play competitions and meet new friends. I also began running tournaments 2018, in Sweden. Late 2018 I went to Uruguay to design a course in Montevideo, it is being built now. In 2019 I went to Thailand again and then South Korea for more competition and meet more new friends. My next destination was a small island in Africa, called Sao Tomé in the country Sao Tomé e Principe. 

Getting new friends all over the world is really fun and makes me feel that life is really much bigger than me. Disc golf helps me see the world and meet people from all over the world. It makes me grow as a person.

Why Tour Directing?

Disc Golf is a sport and if we don´t play tournaments, we are not playing a sport. Could you imagine football or basketball without matches? How about pole jump or 100 meter dash with out games?

I run tournaments because I think disc golf is about competing, still friendly and like gentlemen, but with the addition to get challenged. It is really fun!
Running tournaments is also getting attention from media and sometimes organizations that want to market their products or services. This is a great way to help disc golf to grow.

Disc golf is about to reach the main stream crowds now. So Pretty Fly Disc Golf will set up more tournaments in the near future. With the help of Momentum Disc Golf I can offer Tour Directors salary for running Pretty Fly tournaments in the season 2022. So, if you want to have a extra income, contact me and we set up a first tournament together, then you can run your own Pretty Fly disc golf tournaments, and make money.


Isn´t it time that Tour Directors get paid for the work they do? Of course it is. I will pay you. :-)

I went to the small country STP in Africa !!!


On October 28 (2019) I left Sweden for a new disc golf adventure in Sao Tomé e Principe, Africa. On this page you can find videos about this trip and the efforts I make to develop something about disc golf in Sao Tomé, the main island of this small and beautiful country.

In november 2021 I went to Ghana and introduced disc golf to the Ultimate community there, link: GHANA ULTIMATE   I also returned to Sao Tomé and arranged with a written permission to set up the first disc golf course there.

If you want to support my work with developing disc golf in Africa, you can shop at Momentum Disc Golf, using my affiliate link, click here thanks!


Prototype Basket Test!

Introducing kids

Practice in a field

Momentum Disc Golf in Kenya


Here you can send any questions and messages to Thor Wallgren. Answer will be sent as soon as possible.
You can also follow Thor or check out his business Momentum Disc Golf´s webshop.

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