13 / 5 / 0 / 3 ... RECON, skyline, Legacy Discs

179 kr

Speed: 13
Glide: 5
Turn: 0

Överstabil lättviktsdisc för dina längsta kast. Bäst i medvind, för avancerade spelare.

Tillverkarens ord om plasten SKYLINE:

The SKYLINE SERIES are a special  blend of plastic additives that are merged into our existing ICON and  PINNACLE plastic mixes to achieve a lighter weight for the molds you  know and love. These additives are blended and injected into our  existing molds to lighten the discs and particularly focus on the outer  edge of the rim for consistent balance. The SKYLINE SERIES has close  characteristics of our premium series plastics with durability and grip.



The SKYLINE SERIES will add distance to  a players game. This particular blend of plastic is perfect for those  players that want the extra distance. It is specially designed to be  thrown with less effort and still achieve maximum distance. Due to the  lighter weights of the discs, they are often slightly less stable than  their heavier counter parts. The glide will be longer and the flight  will typically have more turn. These SKYLINE SERIES discs still have a  stable return at the end of its flight depending on the mold that is  thrown.