5 / 3 / 0 / 3 ... PURSUIT, shattered icon, Legacy Discs

179 kr

Speed: 5.
Glide: 3.
Turn: 0.
Fade: 3. 

Överstabil midrange med tydlig fade som avslutning. SHATTERED ICON är en prickig Icon-plast.

Tillverkarens ord om plasten ICON:

Our Icon Edition has the most grip of  all despite rainy conditions. The Icon plastic is of the latest  technology that offers the fastest flight. It’s durability is second to  none.



The advantage of having the Icon  Edition in your bag is that it has the fastest flight. The distance in  this edition of plastic is phenomenal despite any weather conditions. It  is grippy, and has a consistent flight pattern. This is a true go to  disc when you want that extra power on your shot. There is not a better  choice of plastic to use when throwing into a head wind.