Pretty Fly Disc Golf

Cashometer show you how much prize money  (EURO) is available for pay-outs in the Pretty Fly Park tournaments,  Sao Tomé, Africa.


Each week the cashometer is updated, showing the development of prize money in the upcoming tournaments at Pretty Fly Park, the disc golf course in Agostinho Neto, Sao Tomé e Principe (Africa). On this page you will also find links to tournament information and registration (coming later). If you want to sponsor a tournament, send an e-mail to "thor @" and we´ll find a way to manage that.

If you want to sponsor the construction of the disc golf course in Sao Tomé, go to THIS LINK and read about the marketing options.


In the CASHOMETER you´ll find the following information:

* The total amount in the table is the estimated amount of prize money to be awarded among the winners, in each tournament.

* The actual amount is depending on sponsors, player´s fees and sales in the shop at the course the time befor each tournament.


On my 50th birthday 2019, friends sent 260 EURO to increase the payout in the Thor Wallgren´s Birthday Bash 2020. Someone also sent 50 EURO to cover the PDGA-sanctioning fee. It will be a C-tier tournament. Thank you all for this! Now plan your trip to come here and win that money! :-)


Cashometer Sao Tomé tournaments

Basket Welding, Jan 23 - 2020