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Who is Thor Wallgren?

I was introduced to disc golf on the 18th of July 2014. My friends invited me to a round in Gavle, Sweden. I played horrible, but I liked it. The next day I bought my first golf discs. Only 3 months later I played my first tournament.

The friendly way of the better players inspired me to continue to practice and compete. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I understood that disc golfers are a special kind of people, both goal oriented and open and kind.

In 2015 I visited Saigon, Vietnam and played with strangers and it was awesome, suddenly I had new friends on the other side of the planet. I went to Thailand and USA 2018 to play competitions and meet new friends. I also began running tournaments 2018, in Sweden. Late 2018 I went to Uruguay to design a course in Montevideo, it is being built now. In 2019 I went to Thailand again and then South Korea for more competition and meet more new friends. My next destination was a small island in Africa, called Sao Tomé in the country Sao Tomé e Principe. 

Getting new friends all over the world is really fun and makes me feel that life is really much bigger than me. Disc golf helps me see the world and meet people from all over the world. It makes me grow as a person.

Why Tour Directing?

Disc Golf is a sport and if we don´t play tournaments, we are not playing a sport. Could you imagine football or basketball without matches? How about pole jump or 100 meter dash with out games?

I run tournaments because I think disc golf is about competing, still friendly and like gentlemen, but with the addition to get challenged. It is really fun!
Running tournaments is also getting attention from media and sometimes organizations that want to market their products or services. This is a great way to help disc golf to grow.

Disc golf is still unheard of by most people. Getting crowds to pay for watching us play is far away in the future, but it is needed if we want to see more money in the game and the best athletes in the game.

One way to get there is to make companies not in the disc golf business to spend marketing money to be seen in disc golf events.

Everywhere I go everyone loves this sport, all ages, gender and backgrounds. Disc golf is life. Disc golf is the next generation´s sport. In season 2020 I will run tournaments in Sweden, called Pretty Fly 100%, learn more about it on this link. Welcome!