Pretty Fly Disc Golf

Fundraiser: Pretty Fly Park in Sao Tomé, Africa.

For individuals that would like to help disc golf grow in Sao Tomé, Africa.

E-mail me any questions, orders or show interest: thor @

Are you looking to put your name or family´s name as a sponsor for growing the sport? Maybe you are a kind-hearted person that like the feeling of helping others. On this page I present ways to help disc golf grow in Sao Tomé e Principe.

Read your options below and let me know what you think:


School support

Introducing disc golf to the citizens of Sao Tome e Principe will need activities in the schools. During 2020 I will introduce some schools to discgolf by giving them a basket and 30 discs (putters). I will also give education/instructions to the teachers, how to play discgolf. This last part, instructing the teachers, is the part I sponsor to the schools. The amount of schools I will help is decided by this Crowdfunding activity and hopefully a grant of 3000 USD from PDGA´s Marco Polo Program, that is in progress. You can help by paying 16 EURO for a premium plastic putter that I will give to the schools, so the student can use them during class.  The discs in this project will stay at the schools and not be sold or given to private individuals, I will make sure of this by marking the discs.


Tournament sponsorship

To attract foreign players to come here and play, the tournaments here should have some fine prizes to win. Added cash in tournaments are raising the amount of money the best players can win and if really good players come here to play, they can also teach the locals how to play, run clinics and also create a reason for other sponsors to video-document the event. This will grow awareness of the course and develop disc golf here in Sao Tomé. You can contribute to this by raising the ”added cash” in the upcoming PDGA-sanctioned tournaments:

Pretty Fly Open, October 30, 2020 (Halloween)

Thor´s Birthday Bash, December 28, 2020.

Sao Tomé Open, April 02, 2021 (Easter)

Your level of contribution is decided by you and divided between the divisions as suggested by the PDGA. Contribution below 5 EUROs are not accepted, and contributions above 30 EURO will put your name as sponsor in all 3 events.

To show the amount of expected prize money in each tournament there is a CASHOMETER you can look at.

E-mail me any questions, orders or show interest: thor @