Pretty Fly Disc Golf

Fundraiser: Pretty Fly Park in Sao Tomé, Africa.


During December 2019 I have negotiated with land owners at the abandoned plantation Agostinho Neto and reached an agreement about using land to set up a disc golf course of 18 holes in international competition standard. It is the first DG course in the island country Sao Tomé e Principe, situated in the atlantic ocean. The land owners let me use their land for free and the course will be free to play and open for everyone.


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The near future.

The 18-hole course is going to be set up during 2020 and I will use materials from local companies to build baskets, tees and signs. There will also be a shop for drinks, snacks and disc golf equipment. I will import discs, apparel and clothes that I can sell to tourists and local players. I will spend a lot of my private money to make this happen, so now I am looking for sponsors to support this.

Please choose one of the black/white buttons to see how you can participate in making Pretty Fly Park a top-level disc golf course in Africa.