Pretty Fly Disc Golf

Fundraiser: Pretty Fly Park in Sao Tomé, Africa.

For any company, involved or not involved in disc golf.

E-mail me any questions, orders or show interest: thor @

Read your options below and let me know what you think:


Hole sponsor, 3 years

Includes your logo on the Tee, Tee-sign and Basket on one ”hole” during the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. I will produce your signs here in Sao Tomé, to support local business. The price for a 3 year Hole-sponsorship is 795 EUROs, your logo and website-link will get multiple exposures on Facebook and Instagram and also on YouTube ”in the Hole” video.


Head sponsor, 4 years

Includes your logo on the upper part of the Welcome / Information sign at the disc golf course entrance and one Tee, Tee-sign and basket + a Shop Wall sign. The price for a 4 year Head sponsorship is 2985 EUROs, your logo and website-link will get exposure at multiple social media updates (Facebook and Instagram) + YouTube videos for Welcoming video, The disc golf shop video, Hole video and all tournament videos during the years 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.


Shop Wall sponsor, 2 years

Puts your information, logo and web-adress on the wall inside the disc golf shop during 2020 and 2021, in A3 Landscape. The price is 99 EUROs, your info will also get exposure on Facebook. The sign will be visible and you will get a written ”thanks” in the Shop Opening video published on YouTube.


Sign sponsor,  2 years

Puts your info as a ”one-liner” on a sign on the course, it could be a direction-sign, parking-sign or warning-sign needed to make play smooth and safe. The price for a 2 year sponsorship is 75 EUROs and your ”one-liner” will get exposure on Facebook and Instagram. Your sign will be shown in one video on YouTube, it can be a hole video or the Welcoming video. Ask for the type of sign you want to sponsor.


*Special deals with manufacturers*

Sponsoring manufacturers may send top-selling products instead of cash for the sponsor deal. The MSRP-value of the goods should be twice the value of the sponsorship you have chosen, ordered by Thor Wallgren and all transportation should be paid by the sender. As this is sent to Discgolf Paradise as a gift, the value in the customs declaration must not exceed 99 EUROs, whatever the purchase value is in the parcels. Make contact with me, so we can discuss details.

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